Data transition

Getting started with LEAP

LEAP ensures the secure migration of your data from your existing software system to our cloud-based practice productivity solution. Our experienced transitions team simplify the process of migrating your data by executing a thorough transition plan tailored to your law firm’s needs. LEAP has transitioned data for more than 4,250 law firms from over 25 different software systems and are here to provide you with a smooth transition process.

On the go

Manage matters from any location

LEAP makes it easy to work on your matters whether you’re travelling, attending court or meeting with clients. LEAP can be accessed on your tablet or smartphone via the LEAP Mobile App, giving you the flexibility to:

  • Create new matters
  • Record time
  • Scan documents
  • Dictate file notes


Users globally


Electronic conversions of legacy data


Average uptime globally


Seamless integration with Microsoft 365

LEAP’s native integration with Microsoft 365 lets you quickly and easily produce automated documents and emails that are pre-populated with matter information. Emails are automatically saved to the corresponding LEAP matter while time spent drafting documents and emails is also automatically recorded. Plus, LEAP’s integration with Microsoft Teams lets you easily share matters directly from LEAP as well as schedule video calls.

Seamless integration with Microsoft 365
Always up-to-date

One version of the truth

LEAP makes it easy to work on your matters whether you’re in the office or at home. As a cloud-based system, everything you do is synced between your devices in real time, giving you and your team an uninterrupted workflow. LEAP’s integration with Zoom and Microsoft Teams makes it easy to share matters and work collaboratively with colleagues or third parties.

With LEAP being a cloud based product, we can function, service and advise from anywhere with an internet connection. The ability to service and advise clients from anywhere and any time separates us from other law practitioners.
Photo of Jan Domantay

Jan Domantay

Founder and Managing Director of Domantay Legal

To know that our clients’ data is stored in a safe cloud environment gives me great confidence. In this growing digital era, it is so important to have security for our clients’ confidential information and LEAP provides that security.
Photo of Peta Stewart

Peta Stewart

Certified Practising Conveyancer (CPC)

The support from LEAP allows tasks to be completed within minutes of a problem arising – the support really is second to none. It's clear LEAP is at the top of their game and strives for continued excellence.
Photo of Timothy Unsworth

Timothy Unsworth

Solicitor & Founder of Unwsworth Legal

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