Legal Searching

Seamless integration with LEAP

Easily order and organise searches from LEAP, including property, company and personal searches. InfoTrack also offers e-conveyancing and cybersecurity solutions. Seamless integration between LEAP and InfoTrack means that searches are automatically populated with your LEAP matter information, saving you time and reducing the risk of error.

Locate wills

Will Register

InfoTrack’s Australia and New Zealand Will Register has been designed to help you locate a will when acting in a probate matter. The register will let you know the location and date of any will that has been registered on behalf of your client or a deceased estate.

Save Time

eConveyancing all in one place

Accessible from your LEAP matters, InfoTrack provides a range of apps for property, company and personal searches. With many of InfoTrack’s services automatically populated with the information entered into your LEAP matters, you can save time spent on non-billable, manual data entry.

Exclusive integration with LEAP

LEAP’s seamless integration with InfoTrack gives you the ability to easily order and organise searches, including property, company, personal and more directly from your LEAP matter.

With InfoTrack’s comprehensive searching services, you’ll be able to:

  • Access InfoTrack directly from your LEAP matter.
  • Easy to use platform that doesn’t require training.
  • LEAP’s integration with InfoTrack means search results are pre-populated with LEAP matter information saving you time and reducing human error.
  • All disbursements are automatically recorded in LEAP in real-time.
  • Easily compile PPSR, Company and Property searches and run credit reports all from one platform.
  • Gain access to the New Zealand Will Register for searches and death notice alerts.